Peace of mind for a lifetime

Our products are designed to deliver many years of high performance. Occasionally, things go wrong. The warranties explain what we’re prepared to do for you should anything happen, what you need to do to allow us to honour that commitment, and the circumstances that might invalidate our promise. 


Have your Van Nicholas dealer complete the proof of ownership of your Van Nicholas frame by placing their signature and business stamp in the appropriate box. Check if the unique barcode of your frame has been filled in. This code can be found on the sticker at the bottom of the frame. Store the proof of ownership carefully. Without the proof of ownership and original proof of purchase there is no warranty.




Article 1 – Warranty Period

1.1          Van Nicholas will replace (not repair) any Titanium frame that fails due to manufacturer defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the frame. Every bicycle has a limited life, the so-called useable life-cycle. The duration of the useable life-cycle of bicycles depends on the type of frame, the way in which and the circumstances under which the bicycle is ridden and the care/maintenance the bicycle receives. The lifetime guarantee period is established on the basis of the duration of the useable life cycle of the bicycle. Van Nicholas sets the lifetime of their frames at an average of 25 years.


Your Van Nicholas dealer is your contact point whenever you have questions or complaints about your bicycle. They are technically trained. If they aren't able to solve your problem, they will contact our customer service department to find a solution.


When a sollution cannot be reached between you and your dealer, you can send us a message through our question-/complaint form.


Make sure you have your frame number and date of purchase at hand. 

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