Find your size and fitting

Having the right-sized bike is crucial to get the best out of your Van Nicholas. But the right size and fitting may vary for each individual.

Starting point

The geometry table for each frame gives a guide to sizing, but people are all shapes and sizes, so this is really only a starting point. It is too difficult for us to make an accurate recommendation as to what the best size bike for someone would be without actually seeing them on the bike. A person’s height is usually a fairly good place to start when determining correct size, however each person’s physical dimensions (arm length, torso length, etc.) are slightly different than the next, so at times it can still be misleading. To determine the final bike/frame size we recommend you to get in touch with a Van Nicholas dealer before committing.

What if I fall between sizes?

We would recommend going for the smaller size. It’s far better to extend the seat post and fit a longer stem than to attempt use an overly large frame.

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