The right bike size

Find the right size and seating position for your bike. The right riding position and size are crucial to get the best out of your Van Nicholas bike.

How do I determine the appropriate frame size?

The right frame size varies depending on the bike and the individual person.

Determining the right frame size is very important when buying a new bike, as you want it to feel perfect and comfortable while riding. However, the right frame size depends on the specific bike, your desired riding position and the position of the handlebars and saddle. In addition, your height and proportions play a role. Because no two bikes are the same, the ideal frame size can vary from model to model. It is therefore advisable never to buy a bike without first checking the correct frame size.

Determining the right frame size

The frame size required for the bike you are considering may vary depending on the model. Our bike frames vary by series, so it is crucial to verify for each specific bike which size is best for you.


On this website, we offer advice in four easy steps to help you determine which frame size is best for you. This advice is calculated based on your height, leg length, arm length and your riding position in relation to the geometry of the bike. It also takes into account important elements such as the handlebars and saddle. The advantage of this frame size recommendation is that the program is familiar with the geometry of the specific model you are interested in and is developed based on extensive calculations.


How do I make use of the online advice?

If you want to determine the right frame size using this online advice, go to the page of the bike you are looking for, scroll to " Geometry" and click on "Frame sizing?" Below is an example of what this online frame size advice looks like.



Walk through the 4 steps.



After going through the steps, you will see the recommendation on the screen.


A test ride

Of course, the best way to experience the bike is to take a test ride yourself. When you ride the various frames yourself, you can feel exactly which one suits you best. Moreover, our staff is ready to assist you in adjusting the handlebars and saddle.


You can test ride a Van Nicholas bicycle at our Experience Center in Ede. During a free appointment, you will not only get advice on the right frame size, but you will also get the chance to try out different Van Nicholas models.


Click here to schedule an appointment at the Experience Center >



Available for each model


We provide the geometry information in a table for every Van Nicholas bike model. This proves to be quite useful if you're interested in details like the seat tube angle, head tube height, or the "Stack & Reach" measurements. You can easily locate this data on the specific bicycle's page. To access it, simply scroll down to the "Geometry" section when viewing the model of your choice.

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