Frequently Asked Questions

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Most frequently asked questions

Lead time?

After order, Van Nicholas will strive to deliver your bicycle to you or your contracted dealer within six weeks if on stock. In exceptional cases the delivery time may be longer, you or your contracted dealer will be informed of this.


Can I buy directly from Van Nicholas?

Yes. Our full product range is available to order from our web shop, we also supply our full product range through authorized dealers. This allows you as a customer to handle the product prior to purchase should you desire. We are committed to supporting the Independent Bicycle Dealer (IBD) to strengthen our commitment to you the customer. To find your nearest, go to our ‘Dealers‘ section.


Advice with your bike/frame size?

The geometry table for each frame gives a guide to sizing, but people are all shapes and sizes, so this is really only a starting point. It is too difficult for us to make an accurate recommendation as to what the best size bike for someone would be without actually seeing them on the bike. A person’s height is usually a fairly good place to start when determining correct size, however each person’s physical dimensions (arm length, torso length, etc.) are slightly different than the next, so at times it can still be misleading. To determine the final bike/frame size we recommend you to get in touch with a Van Nicholas dealer before committing.


What if I fall between sizes?

We would recommend going for the smaller size. It’s far better to extend the seat post and fit a longer stem than to attempt use an overly large frame.


How to clean a Titanium Van Nicholas bicycle?

Use warm water with a mild soap solution and a sponge without an abrasive surface, rinse with clean water, and dry with a soft towel. We discourage using a high-pressure washer for cleaning your bicycle, to keep the frame decals and components in the best condition. Be cautious around strong solvents to avoid damage to the decals; common all-purpose cleaners will not harm the decals. To restore the original luster of Titanium, apply a thin layer of WD40 or Pledge furniture oil using a soft cloth.


How to remove scratches from a Titanium Van Nicholas frame?

On the Van Nicholas brushed frames it will be very easy to remove or blend minor surface scratches. Best results are obtained by using 3M Scotch Brite® Type A (fine grain) pads. Cut the pad into 2" (5 cm) strips and polish the frame lightly with straight movements perpendicular to the tube. Make sure not to do this on a decal though, since you might (partly) remove it. Finally use Pledge furniture oil or WD40 to restore the Titanium’s natural radiance.



How to remove decals from a Titanium Van Nicholas frame?

You can remove the decals with thinner (paint thinner). The best way is to dip a cloth with thinner and let it soak into the decal and then rub it off, you probably must repeat this a few times. Then properly degrease the frame. Afterwards brush the frame with a 3M Scotch Brite® Type A (fine grain) scourer, to get the nice, brushed finish again.


Can I get replacement decals?

We cannot supply replacement decals due to the process involved in application. Basecoat decals are used. These are applied at the factory with a special fluid and cured in an oven.


Which assembly paste does Van Nicholas use?

Van Nicholas uses Interflon Paste HT1200 a high temperature assembly paste. It provides easy assembly and disassembly and prevents parts from fretting and corrosion. Suitable for threads and other connections of metal, aluminium, stainless steel, light metals and metal alloys. Highly resistant to moisture, (salt)water, acid media, high pressure, and atmospheric effects. Excellent replacement for hazardous products such as copper paste which threaten the environment and health of users and bystanders.


How many Spacers (Stack Washers) can I use on a fork steerer?

We recommend 40mm maximum for aluminium and carbon steerer tubes. Any more than this can cause undue leverage and stress on the steerer and will invalidate fork warranty. If you are at max. stack washer height, consider flipping your stem or fitting a riser bar.


Can I use a titanium stem in combination with a front fork with a carbon steerer?

Please do not use a Titanium stem in combination with a carbon steerer tube. A Titanium stem requires a high torque to assemble. This can cause severe damage to the carbon steerer tube by putting too much strain on the part, causing the steerer tube collapse in on itself.


I have a creaking sound near my bottom bracket on my Zephyr, Skeiron, Yukon Disc, or Rowtag, but I cannot determine its source, what could be the cause?

Loosen the thru-axle and remove the rear wheel from the bike. Disassemble the derailleur hanger and threaded thru axle nut. Thoroughly clean both parts to remove dirt and deposits. Apply lubricant to both parts. Reassemble the derailleur hanger and threaded thru axle nut. Clean the thru-axle thoroughly to remove dirt. Apply lubricant to the thru-axle. Reinstall the rear wheel on the bike. Ensure that the thru-axle is correctly tightened according to the manufacturer's specifications. Normally, the sound should now be gone!


Rowtag mudguard assembly instructions.

Please check attached assembly instructions to mount your Rowtag mudguards.



Titanium seat post installation guide. (older model)

Please check attached installation guide to replace your saddle of our older model seat post.



I bought a used Van Nicholas, does the warranty still apply?

No, Van Nicholas only provides a warranty to the first owner of the frame/bike.


Do I pay VAT on the purchase price of a Van Nicholas bicycle?

The product prices shown on VanNicholas.com include VAT.

The product prices shown on My.VanNicholas.com are exclusive of VAT. Van Nicholas charges 21% VAT for all deliveries within the European Union. No further (import) taxes have to be paid.


The information below is important for shipping outside the European Union

Goods sent outside the European Community are not subject to VAT. They may however be subject to local taxes and customs duties, payable by the buyer. International Import Duties, Tariffs, Taxes, or other Importation Feed Policy Your government may impose import duties, tariffs, taxes, or other importation fees on shipments from outside your country. Van Nicholas will NOT be responsible for any taxes, duties, tariffs, or importation fees levied by countries outside the European Community on products shipped to its customers. These charges are separate from Van Nicholas shipping charges and are beyond our control or ability to predict in advance.


These charges (if any) are your sole responsibility. In the event a customer refuses to pay these fees, or refuses to take possession of a shipment, which has been shipped in good faith to a customer outside of the European Community, the customer shall be solely responsible for all costs associated with the return of the shipment to Van Nicholas. In addition, the returned shipment is subject to a 10% restocking fee, and the initial shipping charges will be non-refundable. The customer further agrees that these expenses will be deducted from any refund due them upon the safe return of the shipment. If these expenses are in excess of the refund due, the difference will be charged to their original credit card. In no event, will Van Nicholas be responsible for import duties, tariffs, taxes, or other or importation fees incurred by its customers regardless of the reason for the return of an item.


What general terms and conditions apply when purchasing a Van Nicholas bike on my.vannicholas.com?

Download the terms and conditions >


Please note. These terms and conditions are only valid when you order directly from Van Nicholas.

If the purchase of a Van Nicholas is made via a Van Nicholas dealer, the terms and conditions of the respective dealer apply.

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