Reach the heights

Whether you live for the thrill of the race or just the camaraderie of a weekend spin with friends, our Titanium road bikes are ideal. Experience high performance, jaw-dropping looks and unique builds across our entire range.

of a grey day...

Head down into prevailing winds, push hard, against the currents, drop low, tuck in, make light work of your endeavour, fool your mind and dupe your legs, because the greatest part, the sweetest pleasure, over sweeping road up fearsome hill, hides in never-say-die, the refusal to be cowed, the pedal's constant turning, the failure not allowed, and that's the reason, fighting pain and doubt with grit and grim determination, you keep on, and on, and on.


Van Nicholas Boreas Frame 3Al-2.5V Titanium
Starting point

The Boreas is the ideal introduction to Titanium road cycling. Simply add your preferred components and experience the frames' race-tuned geometry and razor-sharp handling, while Titanium’s natural flex irons out road buzz for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Van Nicholas Water Bottle Cage 3Al2.5V Titanium
Lightweight support

Made entirely from aerospace grade 3Al/2.5V Titanium, our sleek and stylish water bottle cage provides reliable, easy-to-use support for your hydration needs, and, at a mere 51g, without a noticeable weight penalty.

VNT Saddle Cr-Mo Rail Leather Cover
Added comfort

With a genuine leather cover hiding gel inserts over a carbon-fiber injected base, this saddle is meant for long days eating up miles. And at a mere 258g, weight isn’t something you have to sacrifice for comfort.

Van Nicholas Bibshort
Performance wear

These bibshorts are packed with technical features: silicon grippers and elasticated shoulders for a secure fit; a padded insert for comfort in the saddle; and vented sections of sweat-wicking fabric to ensure effective heat management.


Titanium has many advantages over other materials when considering your ideal road bike. The inherent flex of a Titanium road bike frame helps to absorb buzz and smooth out the road surface for a more comfortable ride. Titanium’s unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio allows for a stronger, lighter road bike – so it’s ideal for engineering the perfect road bike frame for climbing, long days in the saddle, or laying down power in the sprint. Titanium road bikes also benefit from superior corrosion resistance when compared to road bikes manufactured from steel or aluminium – no titanium road bike frame will ever degrade under normal environmental conditions, so you can be certain a Titanium road bike is the last road bike you ever need to buy. And if you need any further persuasion, simply look at the minimalist, unadorned tubing, hand-brushed to a lustre that accentuates the natural, timeless beauty of a Van Nicholas Titanium road bicycle. Why settle for any other road bike? Demand Van Nicholas road bike perfection.

Nothing looks, Rides, Lasts like a Van Nicholas