Carve new lines

Thrill-seeking trail blazers require bicycles that inspire confidence by delivering reliable, predictable performance every time you ride them. Our range of Titanium mountain bikes will allow you to reach the outer edge of your limits without ever getting close to theirs.


to turn against you...

With face-lashing rain and hard earth, or loose gravel, lying silently, waiting, under brooding weight of a stone-dark sky, you make fire your servant, not fazed you blaze the trail, see clear into the distance, spot your line, hold your nerve, launch high over growling gaps where danger lurks in sharp edges, hanging long in the heavy air, defy all attempts to unseat you, laughing as you roll and flow and grip, grip, grip, and fly from flailing, chasing fingertips.

Van Nicholas Revelstoke 27.5" plus 29er Frame 3Al-2.5V Titanium
Adaptable hardtail

The perfect frameset around which to build a trail-ripping, mountain-munching machine. Exceptional handling whether you choose to run 27.5”, 27.5”+ or 29” wheels, and a Titanium ride that will soak up whatever punishment the mountain dishes out.

Van Nicholas Seatpost Easy Adjust 3Al/2.5V Titanium
Increased comfort

Titanium’s natural ‘springiness’ makes it the ideal material for seat posts, because road or trail vibrations are dissipated before they reach the rider to greatly enhance comfort when compared with aluminium or carbon equivalents.

VNT Fork Full Carbon 29er
Steering simplicity

Meant for riders who like to keep things simple, our rigid full carbon 29er front fork delivers precise feedback and control in a lightweight, understated design.

Van Nicholas Jersey Long Sleeve
Ride in style

A bike as good-looking as a Van Nicholas deserves a stylish rider. Classic aesthetics combined with the latest in advanced performance fabric and ergonomic design features elevate our apparel above the ordinary, making it the perfect fit for the discerning athlete.


When it comes to choosing your ideal mountain bike, Titanium is often overlooked for more commonplace frame materials, but a Titanium mountain bike offers many advantages. Its unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio means Titanium mountain bike frames can be made lighter than other mountain bike frames, a benefit you’ll appreciate on a long, hard slog up a mountain, while still maintaining the strength and rigidity necessary in a mountain bike frame to take serious punishment when you’re on your way back down. Titanium’s superior plasticity and fatigue resistance also ensures impacts that would spell the end of the road for carbon or aluminium mountain bike frames are unlikely even to dent a Titanium mountain bike. And what better mountain bike frame material to cope with the rigours of a wet, muddy winter ride than the virtually corrosion-free Titanium? Cover your beautiful Titanium mountain bike in as much muck and mire as you like, you’ll never compromise its integrity. Why settle for any other mountain bike? Demand Van Nicholas mountain bike perfection.

Nothing looks, Rides, Lasts like a Van Nicholas