Riding into the Unknown
Saturday, 26 August 2023

Starting and finishing in Brecht Belgium, The Adventure Team has prepared an exciting route that promises to showcase the scenic beauty of "De Kempen".

Riding into the Unknown: Van Nicholas' First Gravel Adventure in Flanders!

A day of bikes, pancakes, and new friends


We were in for a wild ride – Flanders, Belgium, welcomed us for the first time, and the excitement was through the roof. Uncharted routes, new faces, and the thrill of the unknown – our latest social gravel ride was more than an adventure; it was a journey into the unexpected.



Our rendezvous point was Brecht, a cozy town that set the stage for our biking escapade. Picture this: coffee, cake, and a bunch of eager riders ready to hit the 75km trail through the heart of “De kempen” in Flanders. Familiar faces mixed with new ones, creating a lively atmosphere that captured the spirit of our Van Nicholas community.



The weather? Oh, it was splendid. The sun played hide-and-seek with the clouds, blessing us with warmth and light for the majority of our ride. Perfect conditions for cycling, making our fall adventure even more enjoyable.



Now, we missed the "broodje kroket" this time, but halfway through, we discovered a new delight – delicious pancakes! A sweet surprise that fueled our spirits and energized us for the rest of the journey.



The route itself was a smooth operator – flat, non-technical, and designed for easygoing chats. A perfect backdrop for getting to know each other, swapping stories, and forging new friendships. This was more than just a bike ride; it was a social experience on two wheels.



And here's the kicker – not a single flat tire! Yep, you read that right. It might just be the first social ride in Van Nicholas history without a flat. Our bikes held strong, proving once again why they're the trusty companions for any adventure.


Reflecting on our experience, it reminded us of our first Van Nicholas Adventure Team weekend. Back then, we didn't know what to expect – new locations, unexplored routes, and meeting people we'd only known online. Excitement levels were off the charts, and the weekend turned out to be a perfect blend of team bonding and sharing the love for our bikes.


For us, these social rides are more than just about the bikes. It's a chance to connect, share stories, and build a community of like-minded riders.



So here's to new friends, delicious surprises, and many more social rides with Van Nicholas – where every journey is an exploration into the unknown, filled with camaraderie and the joy of riding together. 🚴‍♂️🌍🥞

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