Bioracer is a company of riders and racers, designers and innovators, craftspeople and seamstresses. They engineer apparel and test it in their Protolab for its ability to battle cold and regulate heat. They analyze the cyclist in motion to ensure fabric, design and construction deliver anatomic fit with optimal comfort. They monitor wind-tunnel data and real-world racing to discover new ways to cheat the wind.


Founded in Belgium, the spiritual heartland of cycling, more than a hundred years of cycling history is woven into every stitch. The cycling know-how and legacy of generations of cycling lovers are translated into performance apparel and game-changing services. Developed in Belgium, race proven by pro’s and available for all racers worldwide.


It’s not about your level, it’s about your ambition. Whether you ride for glory among friends or go for Olympic gold. We want to inspire you to dream big, succeed and reach higher. And along the way, we make you a promise: WE MAKE YOU FASTER!

Nothing looks, Rides, Lasts like a Van Nicholas