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Founded in 1979 by Tom Hale, Backroads has been a leading innovator in active and adventure travel for over 40 years.


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We offer biking, walking & hiking and multi-adventure tours, small ship active cruises, private trips and family trips designed for three different age groups. Backroads hosts thousands of guests each year—75% of whom are repeat guests or referrals from past guests—in hundreds of locations across the globe. For more information, please visit or call +1-800-462-2848.

Bike Tours & Guided Cycling Trips

Backroads was born from the idea that the absolute best way to see a new place, a new landscape, a new corner of the world, was on the seat of a bike. Since 1979, our bike tours have been the core of who we are, and we’ve only gotten better with time. Our thoughtfully crafted cycling vacations have been perfected with decades of experience—from the Rocky Mountains to the Tuscan countryside to the rural villages of Vietnam. Our bike trips are led by expert Trip Leaders who know the most scenic biking routes—far from the crowds and immersed in the beauty of the region you’ve come to discover. Whether it’s wide-open vistas, quaint local towns or simply one thrilling or leisurely bike ride after another, a Backroads bike tour will forever raise the bar on what an active vacation can be.

Backroads chooses latest Zephyr as Backroads performance road bike

Backroads, international leader in active travel, has added the latest Van Nicholas Zephyr to their bike fleet. Prized for their quality and precision, the Zephyr bikes are perfect for Backroads' range of active and adventure travel. Currently, the new titanium Zephyrs are on their way to various Backroads locations in Europe, America and Canada. The long-standing successful partnership between Backroads and Van Nicholas continues with this addition to the bike fleet, with choices ranging from collection models to bikes developed specifically for Backroads.

Backroads: "We are delighted to welcome the Zephyr to our Performance Road bike family. Our long-standing partnership with Van Nicholas has always allowed us to choose bikes that fit seamlessly with our philosophy of excellence."

Explore the world from a Zephyr with Backroads

Backroads is known for its commitment to delivering unforgettable active travel experiences to adventure travellers around the world. The Performance Road bike is a key part of their offering and is the ideal companion for those looking for challenging rides and adventures on the road. The Zephyr offers the ultimate blend of comfort and balance needed for a road bike you can keep riding all day on.

Successful partnership

The partnership between Backroads and Van Nicholas highlights Van Nicholas' flexibility to provide both existing models and custom-made bikes to their corporate customers. This allows companies like Backroads to offer unique cycling experiences that perfectly align with their brand identity and quality standards.

Van Nicholas: "We are proud of our ongoing partnership with Backroads and feel honoured that the Zephyr has been chosen as the new Performance Road Bike. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership."

Nothing looks, Rides, Lasts like a Van Nicholas