The considered choice

Our goal is to create the best frames possible for their intended application and to deliver the ultimate lifelong cycling experience for every customer. We believe that only Titanium possesses the unique blend of properties to enable us to achieve this objective.


Simply beautiful

The elegant lines of our frames accentuate the natural beauty of Titanium. The soft glow of lightly brushed and polished Titanium is unique. That’s why we choose not to paint our frames. It needs no embellishment; the timeless allure of naked Titanium is hard to resist, impossible to ignore.

Powerfully agile

A great ride lies in the perfect balance of lateral stiffness for power transfer, and vertical compliance to absorb feedback from the road surface. Titanium has an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio which ensures rigidity, and just enough give to make you feel like you are floating on air.


Immutably though

Titanium won’t give up when you are depending on it. It boasts superior fatigue life and impact resistance, and a natural coating of Titanium Dioxide ensures that no matter how punishing the conditions, it will never succumb to rust, decay or corrosion.


When trying to pick a material for a bike frame, there are many really important material considerations; weight, stiffness, strength, toughness, impact resistance, ride quality, corrosion. We’ll consider all of these issues in the context of choosing a bike.


Permanent deflection
Permanent deflection, or plastic deformation as it is also known, is much higher in Titanium than other materials and accounts for its fabled ‘spring’. This is why a Titanium ride is so much more comfortable than other frame building materials.
Fatigue resistance
The inherent flexibility and high tensile strength of Titanium allows the energy stresses of regular use to be effectively dissipated without degradation of the material, ensuring Titanium frames stay stronger for longer.
Impact resistance
The high tensile, or ultimate, strength and low elastic modulus of Titanium combine to create unparalleled impact resistance, meaning Titanium frames can soak up much harder punishment than frames built from other materials.


Corrosion resistance
Titanium’s natural coating of Titanium Dioxide prevents it from oxidising in the atmosphere, so it will never rust, unlike steel, and, unlike aluminium, it will not corrode when exposed to acidic or alkaline environments. So aesthetic and performance quality will never be compromised by the weather.
Strength to weight
The tensile strength to density ratio for Titanium outstrips every other frame building metal. Simply put, for the same weight frame, Titanium will be twice as strong as steel and three times as strong as aluminium.
Stiffness to weight
Rigidity is essential for efficient power transfer and Titanium’s stiffness to weight ratio is superior to all other metals. Titanium combines low weight for easy climbing, high rigidity for blistering performance in the sprint and the perfect balance of both to deliver Titanium’s legendary ride quality. 




Withstands extreme conditions

Van Nicholas bikes can withstand extreme conditions. The use of titanium in our frames, combined with high-quality manufacturing, makes them suitable for demanding riding conditions ranging from extreme weather conditions to rough terrains and adventures.


Lightweight, high strength

Van Nicholas bikes are both lightweight and exceptionally strong. We combine low weight with exceptional strength, thanks to the use of titanium as the main material for our frames. This makes them suitable for demanding cycling conditions without compromising on durability.


Endless durability

Van Nicholas stands for endless durability. This means that the use of titanium in our bikes results in durable, long-lasting products that are resistant to corrosion, wear and tear and various weather conditions. This contributes to greater longevity and less environmental impact, making it a more sustainable choice for cyclists.


High corrosion-resistance

Van Nicholas bikes are resistant to corrosion thanks to the use of corrosion-resistant titanium in our frames. This means we are durable and rust free, even in challenging weather conditions.


2x stronger than aluminium

Titanium is 2 times stronger than aluminum. This means it offers titanium bike frames with a higher strength-to-weight ratio than aluminum frames, resulting in durable, lightweight bikes that can withstand demanding riding conditions.


45% lighter than steel

Titanium is 45% lighter than steel. This lightness makes titanium an excellent material for bicycle frames because it minimizes weight without compromising strength and durability, resulting in agile and performance-oriented bikes.


600°C high tolerance

Titanium is heat resistant up to 600°C. This indicates that titanium is highly resistant to high temperatures, making it suitable for applications where extreme heat can occur, such as welding frames. This heat resistance contributes to the durability of Van Nicholas bikes.


Biocompatible and durable

Titanium exhibits exceptional biocompatibility. This means that titanium is well tolerated by the human body and causes little to no adverse reactions or allergies when it comes in contact with the skin or other body tissues. This makes it suitable for applications such as medical implants and jewelry, in addition to bicycle frames



All our frames are made from aerospace grade 3Al/2.5V Titanium, which contains 3% aluminium and 2.5% vanadium. This offers the perfect balance of strength and plasticity for use in thin-walled bicycle tubing.

Titanium Use

The 3Al/2.5V Titanium alloy we use was developed for use in high pressure hydraulic lines and is found on virtually all new military and commercial airplanes. We are not alone in recognising Titanium's unparalleled qualities. Marine, architectural, medical and petrochemical industries all regularly make use of Titanium components, and you can also find its magical properties gracing consumer goods like golf clubs and jewellery.

Type of Tubing

We use two types of tubing to make our frames: cold-worked, drawn, seamless tubing and seamless hydroformed butted. Both types of tubing create extremely strong, lightweight frames, but the seamless hydroformed butted tubing is even lighter and more durable. 

Environmentally Friendly

Once produced, Titanium is an environmentally friendly metal. All of the scrap we generate through the manufacturing process can be fully recycled.


Titanium, named after the Titans of Greek mythology, famed for their legendary strength, is twice as strong as aluminium and half the weight of steel.


Titanium has an incredibly high tolerance and will maintain the same properties up to 600°C.

Production Process

Titanium’s extreme oxygen reactivity (the same process that makes it so impervious to corrosion) makes production of the seamless tubes a very long and expensive process – hence the premium price tag.

Nothing looks, Rides, Lasts like a Van Nicholas