Writer, Filmmaker, Cyclist

Simon Parker

Van Nicholas Ambassador, Renowned Travel Writer, Filmmaker, and Cyclist Extraordinaire!


Simon Parker is embarking on a monumental journey across the USA, covering a staggering 4,000 miles, all in the pursuit of his upcoming masterpiece, "Fractured States."


A seasoned adventurer, Simon tackles this epic trek on the Van Nicholas Pioneer Disc, fitted with Rohloff and drop handlebars, ready to conquer the diverse terrains that await him.


Join Simon as he navigates the captivating landscapes of the United States, encountering captivating stories and extraordinary individuals along the way.


But the excitement doesn't end there! You can pre-order "Fractured States" right now, ensuring you'll be among the first to delve into this captivating narrative, scheduled for release in July 2024.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of Simon's extraordinary adventure, immersing yourself in the heart of America through his eyes.


Stay connected for updates, awe-inspiring visuals, and spellbinding stories as Simon Parker takes you on a ride you won't soon forget!


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