Engineered Allure

At the heart of our design philosophy lie two basic requirements: our bikes must perform exceptionally well, and they must look exceptionally beautiful. The balance of these two informs our entire production process, from the first hand-drawn sketches, through to the hand assembly of our finished products.


To ensure all our products perform at the highest possible level, they undergo rigorous testing. Using Finite Element Analysis, the initial Computer Aided Designs are scrutinized in minute detail to ensure viability. Once a product makes it to physical prototype stage, laboratory stress testing pushes it far beyond real-world tolerances so we can understand its capabilities and adjust accordingly. The testing even continues when the final product is prepared for sale, with quality control and workshop assembly providing a constant feedback loop to guarantee our fit-for-purpose mantra. 



We do not paint, lacquer or gloss our Titanium products, because we believe Titanium with its natural, corrosion-resistant coating of Titanium Dioxide and a lustrous, brushed finish is beautiful enough. And every detail that might be considered an unnecessary aesthetic touch always serves a dual purpose; be it saving weight, aiding rigidity, or enhancing aerodynamics. No part of a van Nicholas gets a free ride.


From inspiration, via testing, analysis and innovation, to the finished product, we strive always to strike the perfect balance between form and function. This is what makes a Van Nicholas such a uniquely desirable, high performance bicycle.

Van Nicholas Testing Room
Nothing looks, Rides, Lasts like a Van Nicholas