Earth, Air, Fire & Water

All the Van Nicholas frames are named after the four elements of life. The elements provide their names, but not their toughest challenge. That’s where you come in.

4 Elements of life

Titanium versus the elements

Steel rusts. Aluminium has a fatigue life. And whilst the latest modular carbon fiber will last for years and never corrode, one small knock can cause hidden de-lamination that will weaken it irrevocably. Titanium does not rust. Period. The Titanium we use is mainly seamless 3AL/2.5V tubing - each tube is made with 94.5% pure Titanium (plus a little aluminium and vanadium to improve its ride qualities) with, unbelievably, a wall thickness of just 0.9mm. It does not need to be treated or protected from the elements. In fact, a good Titanium frame will almost certainly outlive you. It will keep going, whatever you and the elements throw at it.

Nothing looks, Rides, Lasts like a Van Nicholas