Earth, Air, Fire & Water

All the Van Nicholas frames are named after the four elements of life. The elements provide their names, but not their toughest challenge. That’s where you come in.

4 Elements of life

Titanium versus the elements

Steel rusts. Aluminium has a fatigue life. And whilst the latest modular carbon fiber will last for years and never corrode, one small knock can cause hidden de-lamination that will weaken it irrevocably. Titanium does not rust. Period. The Titanium we use is mainly seamless 3AL/2.5V tubing - each tube is made with 94.5% pure Titanium (plus a little aluminium and vanadium to improve its ride qualities) with, unbelievably, a wall thickness of just 0.9mm. It does not need to be treated or protected from the elements. In fact, a good Titanium frame will almost certainly outlive you. It will keep going, whatever you and the elements throw at it.

Our names

Experience the ride of a lifetime with Van Nicholas, where our bicycles are not just crafted; they are inspired by the very elements that make life exhilarating. Get ready to elevate your cycling journey as we introduce our exceptional collection, each named after the four elements that define our existence.


Road - Swift as the Wind Feel the breeze as you soar through the roads with our Air Series. Astraeus, Zephyr, Skeiron, Boreas, and Ventus – these road bikes embody the freedom of the open air, delivering unparalleled speed and agility for the modern cyclist who craves the thrill of the ride.


Tour - Conquer Every Horizon Dive into the adventure with our Water Series. Deveron, Pioneer, Amazon, and Yukon are touring bikes designed for the explorer in you. These bikes navigate diverse landscapes effortlessly, mirroring the fluidity and power of water. Embark on a journey where every pedal stroke carries you to new horizons.


MTB - Tame the Terrain Conquer the mountains with our Earth Series. Revelstoke, Tuareg, and Zion mountain bikes are built to tackle the toughest terrains. Grounded in strength and stability, these bikes bring you closer to nature, where the earth beneath your wheels becomes your playground.


Adventure - Ignite Your Adventure Fuel your passion for exploration with our Fire Series. Rowtag and Nootau adventure bikes are forged with the fiery spirit of discovery. Blaze new trails and conquer uncharted territories as you ride with confidence, knowing that the fire within propels you to new heights.


Discover Your Element, Ride Van Nicholas Choose a bike that resonates with your spirit – whether you crave the speed of the air, the fluidity of water, the stability of earth, or the fiery spirit of adventure, Van Nicholas has the perfect companion for you. Elevate your ride, embrace the elements, and unlock the extraordinary with Van Nicholas.

Nothing looks, Rides, Lasts like a Van Nicholas