Our MTB bikes are designed to soak up the punishment dished out by the most challenging trails. Like the Tuareg, with geometry designed to maximise traction and make climbing a breeze, and tubing that absorbs whatever you throw at it, while still providing the rigidity to inspire confident control whatever mountain you decide to throw it down. Whichever Van Nicholas MTB you choose, rest assured you’ll have the best bike for the job. They were built to hammer trails.

If your cycling takes you a long way from home, you need a bike you can rely upon. The Pioneer Rohloff is as reliable as they come, with the maintenance-free convenience of the sealed Rohloff hub, a suite of braze-ons and eyelets for fenders and racks, and the option of an unbreakable, oil-free belt drive, too. Of course, the magical ride quality of Titanium comes as standard. Wherever your adventures take you, we have the touring bike to get you there, and back, in comfort and style. Get in the saddle and see the world on Van Nicholas.

We believe Titanium delivers a ride like no other. Take the pinnacle of Van Nicholas racing bike design, the Astraeus. It retains all the strength, rigidity, crisp handling and sharp acceleration you would expect from a thoroughbred racer, but still delivers an exceptionally smooth ride. We’ve dedicated ourselves to finding this balance across all our racing range by using the latest Titanium fabrication processes to increase strength and save weight, and obsessively calculating the optimum geometries for the intended application. Own the road, choose Titanium.

A specialised discipline demands a specialised machine. Like the Blaze. Every detail has been designed with the triathlete in mind. From the cold-worked aerodynamic tubing and integrated seat-post, to the tucked-in rear wheel and the fully concealed cables, we made this bike for optimal performance, from both man and machine. Fit for purpose, fit to fly.

Everybody’s different, but some people are extraordinary. And those people need very special bicycles. Take the Blaze, for example. Aero-dynamically enhanced and configured with geometry optimised for tri-athletes to aid the transition from swim to bike to run. Or the Amazon Cross, designed to soak up the mud and thunder of the Cyclocross circuit. Or perhaps the Chinook Track/Fixed, with drop outs engineered to allow for millimetre-perfect tuning and a frame optimised for sprinting, whether that be in the velodrome or out on the city streets. Different bikes for different people, but all very special indeed.

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