Van Nicholas Outlet

The Van Nicholas Outlet offers are unique – you won’t find them anywhere else. We offer prototype frames, refurbished frames, test models, press-demo and promotional complete builds, as well as the occasional reconditioned or older model component. They’re every bit as good as regular Van Nicholas products, they’re just not fresh out of the box. The stock changes all the time, so check regularly to make sure you don’t miss the chance to get your hands on a very special piece of kit.

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1 Van Nicholas Amazon Cross 52, Ultegra Triple 2753,00 2064,76 688,24 View Image
1 Van Nicholas Tuareg 650B 15.5 inch Shimano XTR groupset and Rockshox Revelation 5694,01 4271,00 1423,01 View Image

NOTE| Outlet items are first come, first served. Although we try to ensure sold items are removed from the website when sold, it is possible that two people could purchase the same item. When that occurs we determine the first order by our system time stamp on the order. Outlet items are sold as is and DO come with standard Van Nicholas warranties in effect (Titanium frames Lifetime, Titanium and VNT parts 1 year). However, special offers and other Van Nicholas promotions DO NOT apply to any item sold in the Outlet.
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